<aside> ℹ️ The Emerging Manager Toolbox, built by Halle Kaplan-Allen of Automatter, is a collective of resources and recommendations for emerging fund managers to build systematized operations and thoughtfully designed, automated processes. Using these tools and templates will give fund managers time back to spend on the activities that matter, such as meeting with founders and and support their portfolio companies.

The goal of the Emerging Manager Toolbox is to create competitive advantage for emerging fund managers from underrepresented groups and nontraditional backgrounds to allow them to generate returns for themselves and their LPs.


💼 Fund Administration

The legal structure of a venture capital fund is complex. To save time, money, and probably some tears, it's recommended that emerging managers outsource their fund administration, or "back office" to a professional services organization that provides all in one legal, financial, tax, and operational support.

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The Investment Lifecycle

<aside> 🔥 Hot tip: Use G2 to read reviews, assess pricing, and compare features across competitors before moving forward with any software solution (especially if you're opening your wallet).


Extra Credit

Word on the Street...



Five Predictions For Early Stage Startups In 2021

<aside> 🗣️ “More funds are using automation and tooling for the venture value chain: deal sourcing, investment decision making, fund and portfolio management, and continuous operations,” said Philipp Moehring, early stage investor from Berlin and partner for Europe at AngelList. “This is enabling new entrants, as overhead becomes cheaper, and allows existing investors to focus on what they do best: working with entrepreneurs to build the future."



<aside> 🗣️ This status quo, however, is finally starting to get questioned by a new breed of investors. Equipped with data, algorithms, and custom-made software, those rebel venture capitalists arrogant enough to question “the way things have always been done” are quickly gaining a foothold in the venture world, creating a new paradigm of meritocracy. (Bartosz Trocha, Techfor.VC)


Data-Driven VCs